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Single, Double And Blended Malt Whiskey What’s The Difference

A malt is fermented grain or root which is mashed, then fermented and distilled to form a liquor beverage. The grain or root could be rye, barley, wheat, corn, potato, beets, or other roots. It is malted by soaking the grain or root in water for a period of two to three days, then letting it germinate which produces the enzymes needed to convert starch into fermentable sugars.

Single Malt: A single malt whiskey is simply a whiskey crafted using only one malt from a single distillery. It’s actually toughest to make a good single malt whiskey. If anything goes wrong in the process to damage the taste, the single malt won’t be up to par. Generally, single malts are bottled by the distillery itself, i.e. The Glenlivet or Bushmills. Because so much talent and effort goes into the development of a good single malt, these are the most expensive whiskeys.

Double Malt: A double malt whiskey uses two malts which may be from different distilleries. These malts are blended together to create an appropriate taste. This can salvage a distiller’s lesser malt which was judged inappropriate for bottling as a single malt. Although less expensive than single malts, the double malt runs close in price.

Blended Malt: A blended malt whiskey combines three or more malts which may be from different distilleries to create a single whiskey. You may also see these referred to as vatted malt or pure malt. This is the easiest way for a distiller or bottler to create a good flavored whiskey. Bottlers such as Chivas Regal and Canadian Club create blended whiskeys using malts from various distilleries so they can produce a flavor consistent with their brand. These whiskeys are the least expensive.

Finally, you needn’t worry that a distillery or bottler claim a blended malt is really

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Board Games In Pubs And Bars

Have you ever wanted to sip down your beers while thrashing your mates over a game of ping pong or a friendly round of sbnakes and ladders? Now, with the new wave of bars playing host to sporting activities and board games in bars and pubs, you can. Pubs are no longer just about exercising the liver.

Games in bars was a concept introduced to the drinking world in the United States. In 2006, a stack of pubs opened with board games their main focus. Sipping cocktails over the ches board, doing shots each time your snake moved a space up the ladder and beers while spelling words in scrabble sounds different doesn’t it? Turns out, that Americans were embracing the new drinking experience with bar attendance going up. Perhaps drinkers in the US were getting bored with the same ideas and repetitive notion of going out, getting drunk, dancing, pashing randums and well, just doing it over and over again each weekend.

Australian bars have cottoned on now with Sydney leading the way in this new drinking experience. In late 2009, four smallish venues opened with great food, classic cocktails, funkey furniture and board games! Doctor Pong is a bar where patrons suck down beers along side a huge ping pong table. There is a Doctor Pong bar in Germany’s capital, Berlin and the Sydney sister has been popular – obvious through the long lines which snake out the door and down the street.

If ping pong isn’t your thing though do not despair. Another night spot in Sydney offering board games is Booty Bay. Take your pick of cluedo, monopoly or panic. They are all yours in this cute, relaxed space.

For some, games and bars aren’t a great combination. One police officer who chose to remain anonymis

Feb 19

Bangalore Nightclubs & Pubs – Bangalore’s Pub Scene Just Got Hotter

Often referred to as the Pub Capital of India, the multicultural city of Bangalore is most famous for its nightlife. The night culture is dynamic, effervescent and cosmopolitan.

Among the many exceptional pubs and bars all across the city, HiNT is considered to be quite popular with the crowds. Encompassing two bars, two outside terraces, an inside lounge, dance floor, and a restaurant, this nightspot is set on the 5th floor of Bangalore Central Mall, providing a spectacular view of the city in all its glory and splendour.

Open from 8 pm until 11.30 pm everyday, entrance to this hotspot is absolutely free, though a cover charge is extracted from one and all. The HiNT lounge, pub and restaurant serves a wide variety of wine, whiskey, cocktails, mocktails, etc along with an extensive vegetarian and non-vegetarian food menu, which includes Chinese and Thai starters, appetizers, terrific Asian food and main courses among other things.

And while the service here cannot be considered bad, it cant even be considered first-rate. The music here ranges mainly from house to hip-hop to electro, which is completely handled by their in-house DJs. On one Saturday every month, HiNT goes global, so for those of you who are into international gigs, this is the place to be! It is said that the dance floor in the lounge is one of a kind; one that can be seen from every corner of the lounge.

The cool lasers have only made dancing even more fun here! With extremely comfy beanbags scattered everywhere, especially on the outside terraces, this is considered by some people to be one of the most romantic getaways in the city today.

However, this once sought out nighttime destination has lost some of its charm. There are some people who even consider

Feb 18

Know The Basics Of Wine Lingo

To taste and enjoy wines, you ought to know what the wine words are that are. Here is a swift and simple guide that will aid you know what the meanings are for. The wine words used most often to portray how tastes, looks and smells.

Feel free to grab this list with you to your next wine tasting and you will awe your friends with your extra information and terminology.

Aroma-This refers to the smell of a wine.

Austere-This term is used in tasting that express wines that are so young they have not they advanced an aroma that is detectable.

Balance-A well balanced wine is one where all the chief fixings, the acid, alcohol, fruit and tannins are all working so well together that none stands out from another.

Bite-This is an explanatory term if what you are tasting has agreeable level of acidity.

Bitter-A bitter taste will convey at the back of the tongue.

Body-When body is used as name it is meant to tell the fullness or texture that is being tasted. This will be affected by the alcohol matter.

Bouquet-This is the aroma, generally of a fruity or floral quality, that comes from the alcohol and acid.

Breathing-This is when air is allowed to associate with the wine after opening to reduce and further develop the flavor.

Clean-If a wine is described as being clean it means the wine has no foul flavors or odors.

Crisp-A crisp wine is one that has advantageous acidity and taste without being overly sweet. The best example is to associate the expression to the crispness of an apple.

Depth-The wine word depth describes to a wine with a lot of character, full of body, and has assorted perceptible flavors.

Dry-A dry wine is not sweet. In dry wines all

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Video david cameron left his daughter (8) alone in a pub – China Steel Billet Casting

DAVID and Samantha Cameron left their eight-year-old daughter alone in a pub as theytravelled home from Sunday lunch with friends, it emerged lastnight. The Prime Minister, his wife and three children had enjoyed anafternoon meal with two other families at The Plough in Cadsden,Bucks, when they took their eye off their eldest daughter Nancy. When the family gathered their things and left Mr Cameron shared a car with his bodyguards while Samantha followed behindwith son Elwen, six, and daughter Florence, 22 months. The Prime Minister thought Nancy was in the car with his wife,while Samantha thought she had jumped in with her father.

It wasonly when both cars pulled up to Chequers, two miles away, thatthey realised she was not there. A Downing Street source said the “distraught” parents rushed insideand telephoned the pub, where staff reassured them that theirdaughter had been found alone in the lavatory and was being lookedafter. The staff knew who the girl was but had been unable to contact herparents because, as one pub insider put it: “It”s notlike you can look up David Cameron in the phone book and then ring to say, You”ve leftyour daughter behind”.” “You”d have thought someone would have done a headcountor something,” the insider told The Sun. “Pub staff found theirdaughter in the toilet and didn”t know what to do. “It”s frightening the Prime Minister of Britain can forget something so important as his own daughter.” Mr Cameron jumped straight in the car and rushed back to collecthis daughter, arriving at the pub about 15 minutes after the familyhad originally left. t.

Upon his arrival he was relieved to find Nancy contentedly helpingout the staff, according to reports. Downing Street confirmed theincident had happened after a Sunday lunch but the exact date wasnot known. Mr Cameron’s friends have recently

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What is Black and Tan Beer

One of the most popular choices of beer drinkers around the world is the black and tan beer, that can be created at any place. If you have not tried it, you certainly must try it as soon as possible. All you need is two different kinds of beer, and someone to mix them together, in order to get the best drink possible.

It is simply a mixture of two different beers in the same glass, in equal proportions. By blending these two beers together one can create a better tasting brew, that is smoother and richer. Now this does not mean that you can mix any two beers together. There are some specific types of beer that must be combined, because they complement each other perfectly.

The name black and tan has been coined because the color of the mixture appears very dark and black in color. The lighter half floats on top while the heavier half sinks to the bottom, so a clear demarcation appears between the two halves of the mixture. It is also known as half and half beer.

The Contents
Black and tan can be created by mixing pale ale with a dark beer like a stout or a porter. Pale ale is one of the most common beers around the world, and it is characterized by its pale color. While brewing this type of beer, a top fermenting yeast is used.

On the other hand, stout and porter beers are darker in color and they are brewed using roasted malt, barley, yeast, water and hops. They are also much stronger than pale ales, and also contain a greater volume of alcohol in them. So generally speaking, it is simply the mixture of a lighter beer with a stronger one.

Black and Tan Beer History
The origins can be found

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Late Night Events and Activities to do in London

London is one of the most visited cities of the world, for its thrilling nights and passions that it beholds for its visitors.

The city of London is noted for its heritage sites Tower of London, Royal Botanic Garden, Westminster Palace, Westminster Abbey and most famous St Margret Church. London offer varieties of entertainments, events and other activities for every individual to suit their taste and budgets. Most of the restaurants, museums and bars remain open till late at night, so don’t need to bother much about late evenings. The show houses, and theatres runs till midnight, which would be a significant doze to keep awake for the whole night. However, some of these restaurants and remains open for its customers for 24 hours and seven days a week.

One of the noted places for night crowd is restaurant Bar Italia, which remains open for its customers till late night on Friday and Saturday only. The restaurant is famous for varieties of foods and drinks. Tinsel Town is another of the eatery and is noted for its double cheeseburgers and milkshakes. You can spot many Posh and Beck enjoying foods here .If you want to taste Middle Eastern Food you can drop down to Edge ware Road, just off marble arch which famous for Ranoush Juice and kebabs and varieties of healthy juices and smoothies.

The Britian lights up during the night, and you can enjoy and watch area by night on its double Decker Buses to see most exciting sights of London like, LondonEye, LondonDungeon, Buckingham Palace. Trafalgar Square, Tower of London, Westminster Abbey and Oxford Circus are some of the most prominent sites of London to enjoy things to do in London at night.

On the 1st Thursday of every month more than hundreds of museum remains open till late at night

Feb 16

America’s Best Hidden Bars And Secret Speakeasies

Prohibition may have ended nearly a century ago, but America’s proud tradition of hidden bars and secret speakeasies lives on to this day … if you know where to find them. If you’re ready to have a drink somewhere a little more exciting than your local pub, read on to learn how to find some of the best secret drinking spots in the U.S.

Back Room (New York, NY)
The Back Room is a living tribute to the speakeasies of Prohibition era America. Drinks are served in teacups, and the cocktails have names like the Uncle Sam and the Mary Pickford, in honor of the most popular Hollywood actress of the 20s and 30s. The most authentically speakeasy ish thing about the Back Room, though, is its false shop front, which advertises the bar’s location as the Lower East Side Toy Company.

Backbar (Somerville, MA)
The Journeyman restaurant in Somerville, Massachusetts has a secret. If patrons walk around to the alley behind it, they may come across a conspicuously red door. Most people will walk pass said door without a second thought, never realizing that at the end of the hallway behind it sits the Backbar, a fantastic hidden bar that specializes in locally sourced, house infused cocktails and beertails.

Bathtub Gin & Co. (Seattle, WA)
Located on the 2200 block of Seattle’s 2nd Ave. and identified with a brass plaque, the Bathtub Gin & Co. speakeasy can be hard to get into even if you know how to find it, the bar only has room for a few dozen people, and seats fill up fast. It’s worth the wait, though, the bar is beautiful, and you get to watch the skilled bartenders mix amazing concoctions right in front of you.

The HogsHead Reserve (San Francisco, CA)
The HogsHead Reserve (which can be found

Feb 15

A simplistic guide for an aspiring pub owner

Being a pub owner encompasses its own kinds of responsibilities and threats. Owning a pub requires a whole lot of significant decisions to be taken and arrangements to be made. Every state has a set of rules in regards to permitting activities like regulated entertainment and alcohol selling. Regulating these activities is very important to maintain a secure and hygienic atmosphere in the state.

Legal obligations involved in a pub business

Many people take up this job as a profession only because they like going to a pub and everything seems to take place on its own. However, just like other professions, there are lots of challenges in this job too. First of all, for running a pub, you will require to obtain a pub personal licence. Your licence will determine the kind of activities allowed and the kind of behavior expected from all involved.

Do you have enough reasons for it?
Apart from all these legal obligations, you will also need a stable state of mind and great emotional strength to carry on with this job. You may have to face tough mental situations which may arise because of your customers. In some cases, you may also need external help to handle tough situations. These are one of the primary considerations to think about. If you feel like you will be able to handle such emotionally distressing conditions easily, you will surely enjoy your business while making good money from it.

Do you have enough funds?
After contemplating about these primary decisions, the next thing to be concerned about is the fiscal requirements. Like all the businesses, establishing a pub also requires a considerable amount of initial investment. For attracting more and more customers to your business, you need to present them with something different than your

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Single Malt Scotch Whiskey And More The Different Types Of Whiskey Explained

Whiskey is one of the most distinguished alcoholic beverages in the world. It’s rich history, paired with its intricate distillation and aging process makes it something that is celebrated and revered in many different countries and cultures. However, whiskeys aren’t all the same. There are dozens of different varieties which differ in base product, alcohol level, and quality. Here is a breakdown of some of the more common whiskeys, so the next time you’re at the discount liquor store looking for the best single malt scotch, you have a better understanding of what you’re looking at.

Malt and grain whiskeys are combined in various ways to produce the following blends and varieties:

-Vatted malt whiskey is blended from malt whiskies that are usually from different distilleries. If you see a whiskey with a label reading pure malt, Blended malt, or simply, malt, it is most likely a vatted whiskey.

-Single malt scotch whiskey is malt whiskey from one, single distillery and is one of the more highly revered whiskey types.

-Pure pot still whiskey is a whiskey that is distilled in much like a single malt, in a pot still, from a mash of mixed malted and unmalted barley. This type of whiskey is exclusive to Ireland.

-Blended whiskies are created from a mixture of malt and grain whiskeys. A whiskey that is labeled as scotch whiskey or Irish whiskey is most likely a blended whiskey. The term blend means that it is from many distilleries so that the maker can create a distinct flavor that is consistent with the brad.

-Cask strength whiskies are the most rare and usually the best whiskies are bottle in this fashion. Typically they are bottled straight from the cask, undiluted. Instead of diluting the whiskey, the distiller is bidding the consumer to dilute the whiskey to their desired level

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