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Add Some Class To Frivolity With Wine Tasting

Every party needs a touch of class to make it truly special. While frivolity is easy to ensure and needs limited means, adding a touch of class can very well act as a challenge. There are only a few elements of a party which can pass out as fun, engaging and classy. Wine tasting is one such act. Not only is it a classy affair, but also provides a mean for like-minded party goers to communicate and engage- something modern parties lack in real terms. In metropolitans like London, where sophistication is very much a part of life, wine tasting forms an integral part of the party culture.

In today’s world seemingly every activity has consultants providing their input. Similarly, wine tasting party ideas are provided by party planners who offer indigenous ways to host and enjoy a wine tasting party. The party can be infused with the subtleties of wine and can very well prove to be a thoroughly enjoyable event. One can never go wrong when it comes to pairing a party with good quality wines as it is ensured that people will have a good time indeed. There are times when it can be the very best way to add some zest to a sombre party.

Like all the good things in life, wine also follows the rule of diminishing returns. So, over indulgence in wine can very well rob it of its allure. There are wine events which are organized in the UK at different parts of the year. The members of the wine clubs choose only the best of the wine events to attend to. Not only are these events infused with the very best of wines from across the globe, but also provides for a mean to enjoy some savour worthy wine.

It is

Jul 20

Best Beer Festivals Around the World

Beer has been brewed and consumed for about 7000 years now. Arguably, it is called the third most popular drink after water and tea. In fact, beer is so popular that there are numerous festivals commemorating exceptional brewers, bringing together beer lovers from around the world. If you are someone who wants to taste different varieties of beer in the company of thousands of people, you wouldn’t want to miss out on the beer festivals that are hosted around the world.

Beer festivals promote certain special or locally brewed beers, and visitors get the opportunity of sampling some of the finest beers from around the world. Beer festivals are also well known for the mix of delicacies that is spread out for the visitors. To make it more interesting, these festivals often host live bands, DJ, comic performances, and beer drinking competitions, giving the whole festival a ‘party like’ atmosphere. So, without further ado, let’s proceed to find out the world’s biggest beer parties!

Famous Beer Festivals

1. Oktoberfest
Munich, Bavaria, Germany
Month(s): September, October
Duration: 16 Days

Oktoberfest was first hosted in Munich in 1810, to commemorate the marriage of Crown Prince Ludwig to Princess Therese of Saxe Hildburghausen. Initially, the festival was held in October, but it was later decided to hold the festival in September, owing to better weather conditions.

It is reported that an estimated 6 million people attend Oktoberfest every year, consuming 1.5 million gallons of beer in the 16 days of the festival.

Initially, beer was not a part of Oktoberfest, instead, a horse race in the presence of the Royal family was the concluding event. An agricultural show, along with carnival booths, was added to the event later. Beer became a part of Oktoberfest only in 1880. While horse races have ceased to be a part of the festival

Jul 20

Rare Wines, Whiskey, Beer And Spirits Available Online

Those who know their wines are aware that supermarkets and party stores are not the location to go to for rare wines that you simply cannot find in such places. It is the sensible choice to buy wine online when youre looking for top quality wines, beers, spirits, fortified wines and whiskey. Whether your search is for gift package options to present the online opportunity to someone else, corporate needs that are for volume and need to be stocked readily or personal consumption for your home, all of these considerations can be handled when you buy your alcohol online from an online seller that specializes in offering such selections.

Busy people know that time is of the essence and rather than run around town trying to fine that rare wine your guests love, you can tap into the rarest selections online and make your purchase with just a few mouse clicks. Choices that include small family owned wine producers and little-known vineyards are a part of the beauty of opting to buy wine online. Gaining access to the extensive range of carefully chosen wines, whiskey, spirits and beers that are available online make it possible to please virtually any taste for any occasion with an online alcohol purchase made from your computer in complete privacy.

Online alcohol purchasing allows you to take advantage of the expertise that specialist buyers put into effect. They travel around the world and seek out the very best alcohol and spirits for you to choose from at the website. Additionally, many online alcohol choices are included in special offers, gift packs and corporate discounts that make it easy and affordable to stock your home or office with precisely the alcohol items desired. From mixed case wine, bin end spirits, beers, ciders and wines, the options abound. In

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How Whiskey Is Made

Every country has a different approach to making whisky, which will be discussed in detail at the beginning of each chapter. However, all are basically variations on the following rules.

Whisky is made from a cereal; some (or all) of it malted, that has been ground into a rough flour then mashed by passing hot water through the flour to extract a sweet liquid. This is cooled, yeast is added and the mixture ferments, turning into a crude beer. This is then distilled in either a pot or a column still. Because alcohol boils at a lower temperature than water, the alcohol vapours are released first. These are condensed into a clear, strong spirit which is then aged in oak casks.

Malt whisky is made exclusively from malted barley and is distilled twice (or occasionally three times) in pot stills. It is then aged in used oak casks for a minimum of three years. Grain whisky is made from either corn or wheat, with some malted barley. It is distilled in a column still to produce a lighter spirit with a high degree of alcohol, and aged in used casks for a minimum of three years. Blended scotch is a combination of grain and malt whisky.

Irish whiskey can be made in a number of styles. Pure pot still, using malted and/or unmalted barley; a mix of pot and column still, and all column still. It, too, must be aged in used casks for three years. American whiskey (bourbon) must be made from a minimum 51 per cent corn, to which can be added wheat, malted barley and rye. It is distilled in either a single column still, a column still with a second still called a ‘doublet’, or in pot stills. Tennessee whiskey must also be filtered through a bed of charcoal.

Jul 11

Pub Justice.. Some Things You Can Do To People Who Dodge Their Round

Dodging your round at the pub is the cardinal sin of pub culture, comparable to high treason, going for New Zealand in sport or not being able to recite word for word every ACDC song. (Hahaha you thought we were going to say the national anthem). Dodgers, bludgers, cheap bastards or whatever you want to call them are ever present nuisance in pubs around Australia. To the naked eye, they may look like any other pub enthusiast until the glasses are empty and they’re up.

The seasoned pub enthusiast can tell when someone is looking to dodge their round. An easy way to tell is by looking at their body language when it’s time for someone else to get the next round. You’ll notice that these bludgers will slightly distance themselves from the group and look away as if not to realise that it just might be their round. Furthermore, you will also notice these guys will tend to act “surprised” when the drinks to come out, in an effort to convince everyone else they weren’t expecting more drinks.

This charade can continue for a couple of rounds, however after that, these bludgers need to find a new tactic, which in my pub experience tends to be a well timed bathroom break in-between rounds. Providing the perfect alibi, this tactic can be very effective given that everyone has probably by this time had 4 or 5 beers and is well on their way to a big night.

In any case, the question posed in this article is not how to dodge rounds (however no doubt bludgers reading this have now got some new ideas, it’s what to do about it. So without further adieu, please have a look at the video below (please note these ideas need not just be

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Sorghum Beer

In South Africa, as well as China, sorghum is used in the production of beverages and is considered a very important ingredient. In South Africa, it is used to make beer, whereas in China, it is used in the making of distilled beverages like kaoliang and maotai. It is used instead of barley grain in many places, to make a malt which is used in gluten free beer. Also, a large scale production of sorghum is not as expensive as that of barley.

Popularly known as bil-bil in Cameroon, burukutu in Nigeria, pombe in East Africa, and bjala bja setso in Northern Sotho, sorghum beer is a very popular beverage among health conscious drinkers. The early brands of this beer which were produced and marketed throughout the United States were: Redbridge, launched by Anheuser Busch in St. Louis, Missouri, and New Grist, launched by Lakefront Breweries in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

This beer normally has a cloudy, pinkish brown appearance, and a sour, fruity taste. It is low in carbohydrates and rich in protein. Its alcohol content generally varies between 1% and 8%. It can also be consumed at room temperature, and need not necessarily be chilled.

Recipe for Making this Beer

Malting, mashing, boiling, souring, and fermenting, are the general steps of the beer brewing process. The process of brewing sorghum beer is identical to that of traditional beer, with souring being the only additional step.

This beer can be prepared at home quite easily. The process takes a few days. It involves filling big cast iron pots with water and boiling it, adding the sorghum grains to them, and allowing the mixtures to ferment for a few days prior to being served.

– Sorghum ale (sorghum malt)
– Sorghum grain
– Unmalted sorghum
– Baking yeast

Take the unmalted millet and sorghum ale in equal

Jul 11

Private Wine Country Tours To Napa Valley

What could be the best way to get all your wine queries answered? Well if you think it can be done by reading a few articles on the internet, then you are making a grave mistake. Queries related to wine cannot be answered until you really experience the sheer beauty of making a wine. And be assured that once you visit these wine yards and wineries then you will not have any doubt regarding wine tasting. This is one of the reasons why in Napa Valley, private wine tours are organized by wine lovers and wine companies.
You may say this may be a good way of promotion. To an extent you are right as in this way few brands have promoted themselves well. Once you meet these wine lovers and wine makers, you will realize that promotion is only a secondary activity for them. These people love the wine they make so much and want everyone to experience the exquisiteness of their wine making process. Napa Valley wine country tours have given some exceptional testimonials from tourists around the world. They people who guide you in the tour are not only tourist guides but also lovers of wine. They love the very work they do and are extremely passionate and fanatical when it comes to making the best wine and serving the best to the customers. This is why the fun of the trip quadruples as you have such great, talented and experienced people guiding you throughout.
Napa Valley Wine tours have created a niche segment within this segment by organizing what is known as private tours. Private wine tours in Napa Valley has become something that is discussed in various lifestyle and travel magazines. Private tours are bit expensive but at the same time they guide you with

Jul 09

How robbery and rebellion make Whiskey in the Jar a classic Irish song

When a country is occupied by a foreign power as Ireland was for several hundred years then music is often used as a way of poking fun at the establishment.

This is a large part of the appeal of that hugely popular Irish song, Whiskey in the Jar, which has been recorded by folk and rock bands alike, including Metallica.

Whiskey in the Jar features love, robbery and betrayal, and is set to a rollicking, irresistible tune, so it’s not hard to see why it has become so popular, not only in Ireland but across the world – particularly in America.

Whiskey in the Jar tells the story of a highwayman who stalks the Cork and Kerry mountains in Ireland. He is bold enough, or reckless enough, to rob Captain Farrell, an officer in the British army. The British had occupied and controlled Ireland for centuries and were resented by many Irish people who staged numerous rebellions.

Anyone who dared to rob a British army officer would be very popular with the local people and be looked upon as a sort of Robin Hood character. The highwayman counts out the money and then gives it for safe keeping to Jenny – his wife or maybe his lover. Jenny promises that she will never deceive him but she proves to be false.

When the highwayman goes to rest after his exploits, Jenny puts water into his gunpowder, rendering his pistol ineffective. She is setting him up to be captured.

The next morning as the highwayman ventures out again, he finds himself ambushed by Captain Farrell and his footmen.

He tries to shoot at them but his pistol won’t work because the powder is wet. He reaches for his sabre but the deceitful Jenny has already taken it from him.

Rendered defenceless,

Jul 09

What Are The Benefits Of Buying Built In Wine Fridges

The same old and simple wine will become really very tasty and adorable when you share it and enjoy with friends. With the simple fridge integration you can keep an easy access of your wine collection whenever you want at your home. There are various varieties of fridges available in the market so you can choose the fridge just according to your needs and budget.

The wall hanging wine racks are really very suitable choice for all styles and sizes of kitchens. No matter what size of kitchen you have but if you still love to have a wine storage option at your kitchen then this would be a perfect option for you. It will give you an opportunity to keep at least minimum of 20 to 24 bottles of wine at your home which will be awesome and most importantly it will not require any kind of extra space in your kitchen at all!

All it would need is some wall space which would not be too hard to arrange and then you would be able to avail the advantages of having wine rack at your home too! But having the wine rack would not be enough for completely satisfying your needs if you are expecting real pleasure of wine keeping at your home. It is because the wine racks will give you satisfaction of keeping multiple wine bottle storage at your home so that you can get them instantly whenever you want but that will not make them pleasant in drinking. We all know that there is nothing better than a little cold and silky wine which is possible only with the help of fridge integration in the wine racks.

With the purchase of wine racks with the built in wine fridges, you would be able to

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Uncovered Johnnie Walker Single Malt Scotch Whiskey Labels

It’s probably safe to say that when anyone mentions Johnnie Walker, they typically associate the brand with a color of a label. Red, Blue, Black, Green, what do all these labels mean anyway, and what’s the difference between them?

Well, for those of you who are not scotch enthusiasts like me, let me school you a little bit on the infamous Johnnie Walker labels. This internationally known single malt scotch whiskey brand is owned by a distillery in Kilmarnock, Scotland and distributes over 130 million bottles worldwide each year.

First off, let’s list the variants of Johnnie Walker. There’s Red, Black, Green, Gold, Blue and a blend called Swing. The quality of these labels aren’t like the rainbow, green is better than red, and blue is much better than black, if that makes any sense. We could list the labels in terms of quality, but since taste is completely subjective, let’s just list them from least expensive to most expensive:

Red Label, Black Label, Swing Label, Green Label, Gold Label, Blue Label.

Price is directly related to the age of each variant. Now, Mr. Walker likes to be mysterious about the number of years some blends are aged. For example, Black Label is aged 12 years, but Blue Label is unknown.

Blue Label is kind of like the unicorn of Johnnie Walker blends. You rarely see it, but you’re convinced it exists. Since Gold Label is the next best thing after Blue Label, people are pretty curious as to how many years it’s actually aged. Gold Label is already 15/18 years, so Blue Label has to be at aged at least 25 years, if not longer considering its costliness. I, for one, am extremely curious about how many years Blue Label is aged, since it’s so expensive. Of course, you can always find the upper-end

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