May 27

Gewurztraminer Wine

I love drinking wine as it gives me extreme pleasure. There are different types of wine drinkers and so are the different types of wine. One of the most popular type of wine is Gewurztraminer Wine. It is a sweet German wine incurred from Gewurztraminer grapes.

In the following article i have described some of it’s characteristics and food pairing along with it’s history.

Although the wine’s name is German, it has its roots in Northern Italy. Until 16th century, the Traminer grape was grown in Italy’s Tyrollean Alps, closer to village Tramin. Tramin is located in Alto Adige region. The traminer vine mutated some centuries back, leading to a wine that is more favourable and colorful. Formally, this wine is called as Gewurztraminer d’Alsace Domaine Stoeffler, which attests to the fact that Gewurztraminer grapes are grown in French region.

Gewurztraminer grapes possess the dark pink color with shades of brown. The grape has got a very thick skin. The wine sometimes get copper, gold or peach tones, depending on when the fruit was harvested.

Gewurztraminer Wine is a very spicy and aromatic type of white wine. The wine can be prepared in a range of styles from totally dry and crisp to slightly sweet and flabby to luscious, sweet dessert wines. It is a heavy bodied wine with bouquets of many flowers such as rose and also various kinds of fruits such as mangoes peaches and lychee. It has the flavor of some spices too such as cloves and nutmeg.

Cheese is the perfect food to be served with Gewurztraminer Wine. You can serve plenty of cheese varieties such as Boursin, Roquefort, Langres (French cheese), Swiss Cheese (US) and other types of German cheese. The wine also pairs well with smoked oysters, duck or few salmon recipes. Thai,

May 25

Halloween Cocktails By Whiskey Blue

As Halloween approaches, its time to get into the spirit of this spooky day with themed cocktails! Whiskey Blue at W Los Angeles Westwood is embracing this haunted holiday with four unique cocktails for a delicious seasonal experience. W Hotel guests and LA locals alike can enjoy these drinks at Whiskey Blue, or try concocting them at home using these recipes below:


You dont need a pumpkin for this Jack-O-Lantern!

-Muddle 1 orange wheel
-Muddle 7 mint leaves
-2 oz Jack Daniels
-1.5 oz Simple Syrup
-1.5 oz Lemon Juice
-.5 oz Chambord
-Orange wheel garnish

Muddle orange wheel and mint leaves into a shaking tin. Add ice and all ingredients. Strain into a martini glass. Sink Chambord and garnish with an orange wheel.

Candy Corn Martini

Sip on this martini while munching on everyones favorite Halloween


-1 oz Grenadine
-1 oz Orange Juice
-1 oz Voli Orange Vodka
-2 oz Coconut Vodka
-Splash of Crme

Mix Voli Orange Vodka and orange juice together and strain into a martini glass. Then mix coconut vodka and cream and mix and layer into the martini glass. Sink the grenadine into the glass.

The Peaches and Scream

This libation is sure to make you scream!

-1.5 oz Old Forester Bourbon
-.5 oz Cream
-.5 oz Peach Pure
-.5 oz Apple Butter Syrup
-Pinch of Cinnamon Spice
-Brown Sugar Rim
-Peach or apple garnish

Muddle and strain over ice into a martini glass with a brown sugar rim. Garnish with a peach or apple slice.

Witches Brew

Prepare your spellsyoull be needing them once you indulge in Witches Brew!

-2.25 oz Caliche Rum
-2.25 oz Dark Rum
-1.25 oz Bacardi 151
-2.5 oz Pineapple Juice
-.75 oz Lime Juice
-.75 oz Simple Syrup
-1.25 oz Grenadine

Fill glass completely with ice and add all ingredients. Use your bar spoon to stir the drink until all of the ingredients are

May 25

Laithwaites Wine – Browsing Italy

For Some Of The Best Wine Buys This Spring Head To Italy!

Italian wine can be baffling! Most people have heard of Chianti. Lots of you probably enjoy a glass of Pinot Grigio or two, maybe the odd Frascati or Soave every now and then. But when you find wines like Verdicchio, Primitivo and Dolcetto on the wine list, you may be left feeling that a simple Chardonnay or Cabernet Sauvignon is a friendlier option!

But dont give in youll be missing out on some of the most diverse and exciting wines in the world! Tony Laithwaite Chairman of Laithwaites, the UKs leading independent wine merchant has just got back from a buying trip to Italy, where he and Laithwaites buyer Thomas Woolrych decided they could happily drink nothing but Italian wine for the rest of their days!

“Ive since calmed down a bit (but only a bit)”, says Tony, “but what struck me was the quality of the 2006 vintage and the dazzling diversity on offer.” And Tonys not alone in heaping praise on the harvest. The Giorno del Vino (Italys leading wine journal states that “2006 is unquestionably the best vintage of the last 5 years in almost all areas of Italy. The best white wines are spectacular and on a level with their red wine.”

From Alpine north to sun-drenched south you can find totally unique wines that are bursting with flavour. Classic grapes like Sauvignon Blanc and Merlot are grown in Italy, but theres nothing like fresh, limey Cortese of classic Italian white Gavi di Gavi anywhere else in the world makes a nice change from Chablis!

So if you and your taste buds are prepared to go on a wine discovery voyage, Italy is the country to head to! To

May 23

Gaslamp Quarter – The Heart of Night Life in San Diego

Named as the “Gaslamp Quarter Historic District” on the list of “National Register of Historic Places”, Gaslamp Quarter is the heart of night life in downtown, San Diego. The city is home to 94 historic Victorian Era buildings (former gambling halls, brothels and saloons) that are still housed by active tenants including shops, restaurants and nightclubs.

A number of events and festivals in Gaslamp Quarter such as the Taste of Gaslamp, Street Scene Music Festival, Mardi Gras in the Gaslamp, and Shamrock, a St. Patrick’s Day make it a great place to hang out.

History of Gaslamp Quarter
The route to development started for Gaslamp Quarter started way back in 1867. Alonzo Horton, an American real estate developer, bought 800 acres of land on San Diego bay to develop a new city center near the bay, and it became known as New Town. The city then got its name, Gaslamp Quarter, from gas lamps that people commonly used during late 19th century and early 20th century.

Between 1880s and 1900s, mainly gamblers and prostitutes were the major visitors of New Town, leading to a rise in gambling halls, saloons and brothels in the Stingaree, San Diego’s red light district. The city underwent urban renewal between 1980s and 1990s to become a business and entertainment hub.

Attractions at Gaslamp Quarter
The Gaslamp Quarter exhibits enthralling architectural charm in the form of Victorian age buildings and modern skyscrapers that rise from the 16 square blocks. Standing adjacent to each other, these old models of architectural brilliance accommodate over 100 of the finest restaurants, nightclubs, and pubs along with retails shops, offices and residential buildings.

Downtown San Diego’s Gaslamp Quarter is also popular for its rich cultural heritage including theatres, symphony halls, art galleries, concert venues and museums.

Things you love to do in Gaslamp Quarter
Dine at diverse

May 23

Fun Things To Do With Wine Corks

Tired of making room for all of the corks you have collected. I know I hate to throw them away, but I often don’t know what to do with them. I went on a search for uses for all these corks and found some great creative ideas!

Napkin rings – Drill a hole in the center, thread pretty ribbon through and tie.

Wreath – I found this fun idea for a wreath at Strat’s Place. You just need corks and a hot glue gun. check out this picture of the final product.

Stamps – Carve the ends into letters or shapes and stamp in ink, paint, wax….

Placecard holder- Slice about a quarter of the length off to make a straight base. Cut a slit in the top and insert the placecard.

Earing back – Wrip off a tiny bit and viola!

Bobber for fishing – Make a hole in the middle of the cork and string it onto your line for an easy bobber!

These people used corks to cover the wall around their bar! It is amazing! I have also heard of people using them for backsplashes (coated in polyuithaine) and as borders around a mirror.

Cork Table Top – Use corks to cover the top of a small side (or you could do a coffee sized one too) table. Determine pattern (I alway like the two corks horizontal, two corks vertical pattern myself) Glue with hot gun and top with a piece of glass. Great solution for one of those stained tables you bought at a garage sale and just never got around to refinishing.

I saw a French chef on PBS use corks as pour spouts in bottles of vinegar and olive oil. He just used an old cork, cut a small wedge out

May 21

The Story Of Scotch Whiskey

The country of Scotland is famous for a lot of things; however nothing is as famous as the Scotch Whiskey. Lot of people tried to create an alternative beverage in different parts of world but its only in Scotland you can find the perfect environment and ingredients for making perfect whiskey. If you understand how the whiskey is made and its qualities, it only adds to the enjoyment of drinking the king of all drinks.

History of Scotch Whiskey: The first Scotch whiskey was created by Friar Jon Cor. It was made by King’s order and was called “aqua vitae”. As the whiskey became gradually popular the Scottish government enforced many unreasonable taxes on its production which resulted in many illegal transactions. However the Scottish parliament looking at the popularity of the whiskey and the out of control illegal production, made the Excise Act in the year of 1823 thereby making the production more profitable and the era of modern Scotch whisky industry began.

Scotch Whiskey, the modern production: The distillation process used for the making of the whiskey hasnt changed in last hundreds of years however the method has. The new distilleries are advanced technologically for maintaining the unique qualities of Scotch whiskey and keep up the popular demand.

In the beginning the barley is malted in water for three days. All ingredients of the malt and water must be top quality. The barley germinates and secrets enzymes necessary for distillation. Barley in then dried on smoldering peat. The barley now is mashed to flour that is called “grist” and then added to hot water which causes the starch in flour to be converted into sugar creating a liquid called wort. Now the yeast is added and the fermentation process starts in a massive vessel called “washback”.

Sugar and yeast react to

May 21

Whiskey Row Puts Prescott On The Map

Natives of Arizona and travelers alike will no doubt make a stop at the historic Whiskey Row when driving near Prescott. A rebuilt block of saloons, The Row gives visitors a taste of the typical Wild West of 1900. A century ago the entire wood line of buildings was destroyed by fire, but quickly reconstructed with lasting bricks. Today, the street is one of Prescotts greatest attractions, with several additions to the original sights.

Prior to 1900, the block was home to a boastful 40 saloons, complete with brothels. Rumor has it that the original buildings were located a few blocks over, but moved in order to prevent the need for customers to cross a footbridge on the way home. Supposedly it was not uncommon for intoxicated men to stumble into the water and drown; or so the story goes. Prescotts natives and those in surrounding areas frequented the area not only for whiskey, but food, hotels, services, and socializing. The fire that demolished the entire row of buildings only put owners out of business for a few months. Rebuilding began immediately in the new styles of the times, using bricks that ended the problem of burning. Several of the designs have become well-known sights such as the Highland Hotel and The Palace.

A large portion of the stories and history of Prescott are tied to Whiskey Row. With the architecture essentially intact even today, the sight draws visitors each year. They are able to see a unique and realistic picture of the west of 1905. Since the city has the history in place, they have restored and added to the downtown area making it a fun and lively place. They boast music, late night food, and daytime sights and legends. Shops surround the area with authentic antiques and mementos. Between word

May 18

Make The Most Out Of Wine Country Tours

Make the most of your next wine country trip. Wine has been a big part of a lot of different cultures for many many years. You might not think it so – to you wine is probably just be something you drink with dinner, and your knowledge of what constitutes a good wine might simply be limited to what tastes good with whatever food you have prepared.

However, there are many people who have made wine into their entire lives, and wine is very important to many countries – in culture, in life in general, and in people’s minds as a staple of their lives. This is part of what makes wine tasting trip so fun, and so interesting. However, there is much more to going on wine country tours than simply sipping on wine in different vineyards. Wine country tours can be the most interesting, enlightening, and fun times you can ever have.

What Are They About?

You might be thinking what wine country tours are all about. First of all, yes, the wine tasting part is included in wine country tours. You’ll visit the different wineries that are located in the area you are touring, and get to sample the different great wines that they sell at these wineries. However, wine country tours are about much more than simply drinking fine wines.

Firstly, most wine country tours include tours of the grounds where the grapes are grown that make the wine. Most people who enjoy wine don’t really understand where it comes from or what makes it so special, so on wine country tours you’ll have a chance to really dig down deep into the details and begin to learn more about what makes the wine so great, because you’ll be learning about the grapes that

May 16

Craft Beers and Microbrewery – A Trend That Is Here to Stay

No matter the place of the world we choose to go for a drink, it is becoming more and more common to find, next to the industrial beer supplier, a wide range of craft beers. Some of these bars even experiment with microbrewing, using recipes of their own creation, and providing a unique experience to their customers.

The microbreweries boom is clearly growing and gaining popularity. Many people take it as a recreational activity which leads them to acquire kits with everything needed to produce beer at home, and others, with entrepreneurial spirits, venture to start their own microbrewery business.

Interested? Would you like to know more?

Here we show you the basics about microbrewing…

Broadly, to produce beer, you need to begin with the malt, which can be obtained from any grain (usually barley or wheat). This “grain” must be germinated for a short period and then dried to remove the germ.

The malt must be macerated at different temperatures to obtain the wort, which must then be filtered, cooked and fermented with yeast. After leaving it to rest for several days, the resulting substance (your homemade beer) may be bottled and drunk.

Main beer types…

– Ale: fermented at higher temperatures, between 15 �C and 20 �C (59 �F to 68 �F) and sometimes at 24 �C (75 �F). They are usually very pale and their flavor is fruity/sweet.

– Lager: fermented at lower temperatures, between 10 and 18 �C (10-64 �F). Nowadays, Lagers represent the majority of produced beers, where Pilsen (Checzh Republic) stands out as the most popular. They can be light or dark, and the main difference between Lagers and Ales is the type of yeast used (which also dictates the brewing techniques).

– Lambic: these beers were first made in Brussels (Belgium). They get fermented by using wild yeasts and their flavor is

May 15

Night Life in London

When the sun sets over the horizon and the night dawns, the folk of London move to the streets in search of excitement and fun. Home to a culture for the night, London is one of the favored nightlife spots in the world.

Being honest with ourselves for a moment, we can visit only so many museums, art galleries or exhibitions, or take the dog for so many leisurely walks around Richmond Park before we become very thirsty. As luck would have it, the quality and variety of London after dark is comparable to its more refined daytime cultural offerings.

The National Portrait Gallery in Trafalgar Square is mere walking distance from the clubbing three storey Mecca at Heaven, and so there are sights and spots for persons of all entertainment persuasions, lurking around every corner, as it were.

Themes or Club Nights are popular in London Clubs, and descriptions can be found online, on the U.K. Clubbing Directory for the hundreds of different themes available in the city on a given night. A good example of a club night is the Notting Hill Arts Club whose club nights include Beachclub, billed as “A Smorgasbord of London Creativity & drunken Scandinavian snow urchins” with cheap beer, mulled wine, pretty ladies, great bands, DJs, art, and meatballs every second Monday of the Month. Other club nights include Disco Death, and Craft Night.

A distinguished and elegant bed and breakfast, the Lincoln House Hotel is perfectly situated close to popular attractions and within walking distance of gay and lesbian night life, it offers surprisingly low rates and, of course, features the ubiquitous wireless internet access so necessary to modern life. Rooms are equipped with a mini fridge and unlimited coffee and tea, ensuring perfect comfort for couples looking for a romantic getaway in the heart of

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